Synergy Trafficis an advertising platform. We sell advertising services; these services can be used to advertise your business/program or product to all members and visitors to Synergy Traffic

Referral Commissions
As a Synergy Affiliate You will earn 10% referral commissions on advertising purchases from your direct referrals (Level 1).
(Both Synergized Members and Free members earn referral commissions)
Earn Bitcoins
Members can earn Bitcoins by viewing Cash Links and
will earn when their direct referrals views Cash Links.
Win Bitcoins viewing advertisements on our Traffic Grid. Members can also earn while viewing advertisements on our Traffic Exchange.
Synergy Point
Earn Synergy points by viewing videos and liking Facebook pages.
Synergy points can be converted to Bitcoins that can be used to purchase advertising and Synergy packs.

Synergy members can participate in the Synergy Jackpot and win Bitcoins or prizes.

Synergy Share is offered to our Synergy Members
We Offer 2 Types of Memberships
Starter .002 Low Monthly Fee
Synergized .009 Low Monthly Fee
Starter Membership may purchase Starter Gears 1&2
Synergized Membership may purchase all Gears
Synergy Traffic Is NOT an investment/HYIP.
We are not a MLM or a get rich quick program.
(Be forewarned Anyone advertising this program as such may be liable to
having their account suspended at the discretion of the admins)