Frequently Asked Questions

What is Synergy Traffic?
Synergy Traffic is an advertising platform. We sell advertising services; these services can be used to advertise your business/program or product to all members and visitors to Synergy Traffic

What is Synergy Traffic not?
Synergy Traffic is not an investment or HYIP. We do not tell you how much you will make daily or have any fixed plan as stated on our terms of service. You are purchasing a legitimate advertising product which will drive traffic to your website or referral link. You may also receive a share of our revenue as a Synergized Affiliate, which is shared from profits generated solely by advertising services and sales we receive from both registered and non-registered advertisers to Synergy Traffic.

Do I have to register with Synergy Traffic to purchase advertising?
No. You can purchase advertising without registering to Synergy Traffic by visiting the Advertise page and choose to purchase Banner Ads, Facebook Likes or Traffic Grid advertising.

Is there anything that I cannot advertise through Synergy Traffics advertising platform?
As your advertising will be seen by our members and published on other websites through our publisher program that will be opening soon, it is our intention to provide a safe advertising network for our members. With that, the following types of advertisements/sites are expressly prohibited; High Yield Investment Program's or any other illegal investment schemes. Illegal Pyramid Schemes, Material Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Discriminatory Practices, Hate, Violence Sites, Pharmaceutical Sales, Illegal Downloads, Pornography or Sexually Themed Sites, Gambling, Scams of any sort, or misleading/false advertising are not allowed.

What options do I have to choose from on the register page and can I choose more than one?
Currently you can choose to register as an earner or advertiser or both. You will also soon be able to register as a publisher as well. On the register page, simply click on the icons you want to sign up as when registering your account with Synergy Traffic.

May I register more than one account?
No. Members may not register more than one account. One account per IP. Any member found to do so, as per the terms of service, will be subject to having their account suspended or deleted without notice.

Is there a fee to register with Synergy Traffic?
No. There is no fee to register with Synergy Traffic as an advertiser, affiliate (and soon publisher).

What payment options does Synergy Traffic accept?
The Synergy Traffic Advertising Platform is dedicated to cryptocurrency. We accept Bitcoin only. Cryptocurrency has taken the internet by storm. Bitcoin is now one of the preferred payment methods online today.

Can a free affiliate earn bitcoin with Synergy Traffic?
Yes. Free members can earn Bitcoin for free advertising.

How can affiliates earn bitcoin at Synergy Traffic?
Affiliates can earn 10% referral commissions on various advertising purchases made by direct referrals (Level 1). Affiliates can also earn Bitcoins by viewing Cash Links and will earn when their direct referrals views Cash Links. Affiliates can win Bitcoins viewing advertisements on our Traffic Grid and affiliates can also earn while viewing advertisements on our Traffic Exchange. More ways will be added over time.

What is Synergy Sharing?
Synergy Sharing is our profit share platform available to our Synergized affiliates designed to share all profits back to our synergized members from purchases made through the Synergy Traffic Advertising Platform. 240% Withdrawal Limit on Total Cash Deposits (2.4X)

Is there a fee to become a Synergized Affiliate?
Yes. To participate in our Synergy Sharing platform there are 2 memberships starter for .0022 and synergized for .009.

What happens if I do not pay my fee each month?
If you do not pay the monthly fee or forget to do so, your Synergy Packs will not be eligible to receive shares from the profits generated at Synergy Traffic. Once you pay your fee again you will be eligible at that time. We also have options available to allow you to purchase up to 1 year of the monthly fee, in advance.

Must Synergized Affiliates surf to receive bitcoin through the Synergy Sharing platform?
Yes. Synergized Affiliates must surf 12 sites today to be eligible to receive profits shared tomorrow through the Synergy Share platform. Starter Affiliates must surf 30 sites today to be eligile to receive profits shared. 240% Withdrawal Limit on Total Cash Deposits (2.4X)

What happens if a Synergized Affiliate forgets to surf?
If a Synergized Affiliate forgets to surf today, they will not receive profits shared tomorrow or until they surf their 12 or 30 required sites again.

Is there a daily % cap for Synergy Packs?
We do not guarantee any set percentage of profits that will be shared each day up to  do have a daily 2%.

If I do not see an answer to my question, what can I do?
You can contact us using the support link found on if you have any further questions or through our live chat if an agent is available. Also, registered members can find additional answers on set up, etc.…, through our member only forum.